In unprogrammed Quaker meetings, there are no paid clergy.  The clerk and assistant clerk are resources for general information and shepherd the business of the meeting. Much of the work of the meeting is done in committees. Here are some of them.

Committee Name

Brief Description

Adult Religious Education

Nurtures and strengthens the corporate teaching, learning and experience of Friends and attenders.

Building Maintenance

Makes repairs and recommendations to the Meeting for repairs.

Central Friends

Responsible for the development, oversight, and support of all curricula and activities involving young Friends in 6th grade through middle school.

Children’s Religious Education

Looks out for the spiritual health and safety of the children and youth. Supports the first-day school teachers.


Encourages members to keep their contact information current, and new attenders to include their information in the directory. Publishes and periodically updates the directory.


Proposes amounts for each of our donations to other organizations as approved by the Meeting.


Provides spiritual discernment and reporting on the financial life of the meeting.
Link to Finance Committee Webpage


Creates and maintains our outdoor spaces.
Arranges occasional work parties.


Provides for refreshments after meeting for worship and other functions.

Junior Friends Advisory

Facilitates the program for high-school age youth.


The Library contains an excellent collection of books and periodicals. All attenders and Friends are welcome to borrow materials.


Attends to the needs of the meeting. Arranges for support teams and membership clearness committees. Assists with marriages under the care of the meeting. Manages the sharing fund.
Link to Nurturing Committee Webpage


Shepherds all aspects of personnel management for the Meeting and its employees.

Quarterly Meeting Planning

Joins with Friends of other monthly meetings to plan Willamette Quarterly Meeting.


Coordinates the upkeep of the EFM Website. Liaison with stakeholders in the meeting community regarding content. Insures information security.

Worship and Ministry

Attends to the spiritual health and development of the Meeting, members, and attenders. Helps orient new members. Assists with memorials.