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• July 15 - July 19 - North Pacific Yearly Meeting 2015:
Call To North Pacific Yearly Meeting Annual Session 2015, Wednesday, July 15 – Sunday July 19, Whitworth University, Spokane, Washington. Theme- QuakerCraft: Becoming Quakers the World Needs. The Friend in Residence is Robin Mohr, Executive Secretary for the Friends World Committee for Consultation, Section of the Americas. She will address the challenge of finding balance in one's life to sustain the call to ministry and action. How are we called to service in a broken world? How do we blend our hunger for action with our responsibilities to our families and our Meetings? How can our Quaker community support us in living into our leadings? Registration will open May 1, and information can be found at If you have never attended Annual Session, check out the cool brochure: NPYM_Brochure.pdf