Eugene Friends Meeting

Eugene Friends Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends ("Quakers")

Finance Committee

Finance Committee serves in a unique capacity as we are in direct contact with all of the committees and we have a broad perspective on the life of the Meeting. Yet everything we do is at the request of the Meeting for Worship for Business. In effect, we manage the financial aspects of the leadings of the Meeting. We have conversations throughout the year to encourage, inform, and educate. Yes, these interactions play out in numbers. It is up to us to manage the dollars associated with those conversations to keep us on track and healthy financially.

Treasurer contact information

Disbursement Form – For your convenience the Eugene Friends Meeting 2020 Disbursement Form is available here. Before requesting disbursement please consult with the clerk authorized to approve disbursement from a specific committee budget.  A guide to committee budget authorization is also posted here.  Please contact the Meeting Treasurer if you have questions about the disbursement process.  Note: this form will be updated with new (more standardized) coding in coming months.

Budget code explanations for Disbursement Form

Friendly Donor Enrollment Form

Friendly Donor Change Form