Eugene Friends Meeting

Eugene Friends Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends ("Quakers")

About Us

Meeting for Worship:

Worshiping together is central and fundamental to Friends. Worship is based on direct communion with God. Eugene Friends Meeting is an unprogrammed meeting for worship, distinctive Quaker practice which has existed from the beginning of the Society and in today’s practice remains grounded in expectant listening for Divine inspiration and guidance. Our Worship-Ministry-Nurture Committee cares for the state of our worship. Questions about worship can be directed to the committee.

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Meeting for Worship for Business:

The meeting for business is a meeting for worship during which Friends attend to corporate concerns. It takes place in the same expectant listening for guidance of the Spirit as does any meeting for worship. Friends conduct business in the trust that those assembled, when guided by the Spirit, can reach unity on decisions, directions and concerns. Making business decisions becomes and experience of worship. Our Meeting Clerks serve as facilitators of this process. They are the point of contact for decisions to be made at Meeting for Worship for Business. Proposed concerns are usually seasoned in committee before being brought to the business meeting. Questions about Meeting for Worship for Business can be directed to the Clerks.

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Our Community:

Eugene Friends meeting has no paid clergy. The Meeting recognizes that each individual has unique gifts that can serve our community. Officers and committee members are nominated and then approved at the Meeting for Worship for Business.

Our Committees focus on specific ministries sponsored by the Meeting.

Worship Groups under the care of Eugene Friends Meeting:
Florence Worship Group
Umpqua Valley Worship Group

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Our Meeting House:

While our Meeting House is primarily a place of worship and gathering for the Eugene Friends Meeting community, we offer our Meeting Room space for a small donation, as a service to the wider community. We welcome non-profit groups, groups that advocate social justice, community service, peer support, education, child and family advocacy, interfaith concerns, arts, dance, and music.

The Meeting Room (our large room) is available on weekdays for use by groups of up to 100 people*. For each visit, the requested donation is $10/hour for ongoing groups and $15/hour for one-time users. Weekends are reserved for Eugene Friends Meeting activities. View our building use guidelines here.

Our Hearthkeepers serve in an administrative capacity. They are the point of contact for questions about building use.

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Our Affiliations:

Willamette Quarterly Meeting

North Pacific Yearly Meeting

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Updated 10/2/2022