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Eugene Friends Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends ("Quakers")

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During a Meeting for Worship , the people present usually include a mix of visitors, attenders, and members. Visitors , often members of other religious organizations, frequently come to our Meetings for Worship with no thought of joining or subscribing to Friends practice. Our location draws visitors from all over the world. Attenders come regularly, perhaps for years, but have either not applied for or been accepted for membership. While long-term attendance is usually a prelude to joining the Meeting, some people remain attenders indefinitely. An individual can join a Monthly Meeting of The Religious Society of Friends at birth, as a child, or as an adult and membership can take any one of several forms. Some members elect to register their sons or daughters as Friends at birth. Alternatively, children of Friends can be registered as Associate Members , a category that allows the child the choice of formalizing his/her membership at the age of twenty-one. Convinced Friends are those who joined the Religious Society of Friends as adults. Sojourning Friends are members of one Meeting whose work, school or other circumstance has taken them away from home and who ‘join’ a second Meeting temporarily.

Instead of a central administrator – a minister, rabbi, imam, or priest – who ensures that the business of the organization is accomplished, Friends have a volunteer Clerk of the Meeting. In addition we have Clerks who work with various committees to ensure that the Meeting’s bills are paid, our building is maintained, and the needs of the members are met.
Committee meetings are held at various times. However, our Monthly Meetings for Business are always held on the fourth Sunday of the month.

In contrast with the more specifically focused committee meetings, Meetings for Business deal with a wide variety of topics and include all members in the dialogue. Both at the committee level and during Meetings for Business, Friends operate by consensus – no votes are taken. Instead, the sense of the group as a whole is sought.

Visitors and attenders are welcome to observe Meetings for Business.

In addition to individual Meetings, called Monthly Meetings because the business meetings are held once a month, there are Quarterly Meetings and Yearly Meetings .

This is our informal name for the once-a-month pot-luck lunch that we have after the Meeting for Worship finishes at noon. This is held on the first Sunday of the month. All are welcome to come and socialize. Bring something to share with the others if you can, but above all bring yourself, which of course is the most important thing.

Quaker marriages are held within a Meeting community. After a process of discernment with a Clearness Committee, a couple can be married in a meeting for worship for marriage under the care of the Meeting. There are same-sex marriages in our Meeting.