Eugene Friends Meeting

Eugene Friends Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends ("Quakers")

Community Continuation Committee

Welcome!  During the COVID-19 pandemic, Eugene Friends Meeting chooses to safeguard the health of individuals in our Meeting and our wider community.  We do so by seeking guidance from our Spirit-led Light Within and by following local, state, and national public health authorities’ recommendations.


To: Meeting Clerks and Ministry and Counsel Committee

From: The Community Continuation Committee

Re: Reinstating High Risk Protocols for Meeting in Person Immediately

August 14, 2021

The risk level for the COVID-19 Pandemic has risen dramatically due to the Delta variant. The reality of the Delta variant is that any one of us could be a carrier, that people are being infected at a high rate, and that the healthcare system is being overloaded.

Therefore, the following recommendations are being put forth:

  1. Indoor Meeting for Worship be discontinued until the Risk level drops to Low
  2. Outdoor Meeting for Worship reinstates the High-Risk Protocols to:
    1. Wear a proper face covering
    2. Maintain 6-foot distancing
    3. Engage in hand sanitizing
    4. Affirm that you are not experiencing Covid symptoms within 3 days
    5. Affirm that you have not been exposed to someone with Covid symptoms in the past 14 day

Entering the EFM building or grounds affirms your agreement to act in unity with the protocols. 

Contact the Community Continuation Committee for more information.

Updated 8/14/2021