Eugene Friends Meeting

Eugene Friends Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends ("Quakers")

The Earthcare Ministry is under the care of the Peace and Justice Committee of the Eugene Friends Meeting. The Earthcare Coordinator convenes a support meeting on the first Monday of each month and publishes a newsletter based on rising concerns. Eugene Friends Meeting members have been taking action to care for and restore ecosystems worldwide for decades. The purpose of the support meeting is to encourage each other to take the next steps forward in the lifelong journey of Earthcare based on Quaker testimonies of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Stewardship.

Contact the Earthcare Coordinator for the support meeting zoom link.

Earthcare Committee Mission Statements

Support: Share about our individual efforts for earth-care, offer encouragement, and celebrate our successes.

Education: Offer educational opportunities and suggestions for earth-care action, with each other and the Meeting.

Action: Plan and work together on earth-care actions as a community of Friends, under the care of the Peace and Justice Committee.

Earthcare Newsletter

Eugene Friends Meeting Earthcare Support Group Newsletter is distributed monthly or bi-monthly, and will include:

  • Reports of positive Earthcare related steps we have taken or intend to take. These can be small or large, anything at all related to caring for the earth.
  • Information on topics of interest, such as plastics recycling and oceans. Send me any links or information you have researched, with the sources listed.
  • Links and dates for upcoming Earthcare action events. Email the editor with your ideas.

You can email the editor with your ideas.

Newsletter #12 Themes

  • Virtual Climates Summit recorded video sessions
  • Climate-wise Landscaping
  • Navajo Nation takes on climate change
  • Fossil Free Eugene
  • …and much more!

Newsletter #11 Themes

  • Third Act March Teach-in
  • Friends Committee on National Legislation: Energy Impacts of the war in Ukraine
  • Electrify Eugene Campaign
  • Earthcare State of Society Report
  • …and much more!

Newsletter #10 Themes

  • Youth vs. Gov film viewing on Earth Day
  • Friends Committee on National Legislation: Rare earth minerals pose challenges to energy transition
  • Electrify Eugene Campaign
  • Third Act Banking on our Future toolkit
  • …and much more!

Do you wish for support in your own Earthcare ministry? E-mail us!

Updated 5/11/2022