Eugene Friends Meeting

Eugene Friends Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends ("Quakers")

Childcare and First Day School

Our Children’s Program is called First Day School because historically Quakers call Sunday, “First Day”. The purpose of First Day School is to provide an inviting environment for children to connect with each other and the Spirit within, and to experience a sense of community.

Our schedule:

We welcome children and youth to our 11 a.m. Meeting for Worship! Children are invited to spend the first 10 minutes of worship with their parents, then exit together at 11:10 for First Day School. Parents can come along for the circle time introductions, and then are invited to stay nearby for a Parent’s Circle, or return to the Meeting Room for worship.

Park Day Sundays all Summer

In the Fall, Seek & Play will resume.

Seek & Play: an hour long play-based learning program for children aged 2-12.
Seek & Play is a Montessori based Quaker curriculum developed at Eugene Friends Meeting and based off the work of Jerome Berryman. It offers an interfaith forum for children to ask questions, play, develop skills to be seekers in their own lives, and explore the values of community, integrity, stewardship, peace, equality, simplicity, silence, and nonviolence.

0-2 year olds are encouraged to join any of our activities with a responsible adult presence – If you would like a volunteer care-giver or baby holder so you can attend worship, please contact Children’s Religious Education in advance.

Middle and Junior Friends aged 12 – 17 are also welcomed to join, for peer directed activities following the same vein. Group decision-making offers chances for fun and candid conversations, with an emphasis on belonging, agency, and inner awareness.

Updated 5/8/2024