Eugene Friends Meeting

Eugene Friends Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends ("Quakers")

Finance Committee

Finance Committee serves in a unique capacity as we are in direct contact with all of the committees and we have a broad perspective on the life of the Meeting. Yet everything we do is at the request of the Meeting for Worship for Business. In effect, we manage the financial aspects of the leadings of the Meeting. We have conversations throughout the year to encourage, inform, and educate. Yes, these interactions play out in numbers. It is up to us to manage the dollars associated with those conversations to keep us on track and healthy financially.

Below are information and links to common financial interests:

If these links don’t answer your questions or concerns, please email the Treasurer.

Friendly Donors

Some Friends contribute with regular, scheduled transfers from their bank accounts. Together, these donations provide a reliable base for our operations and help take some of the guesswork out of budgeting. We have partnered with a nonprofit service that manages the withdrawals and record-keeping for multiple charitable organizations.

If you are already enrolled and would like to pause your payments (as some have done since the arrival of the corona pandemic), email the Treasurer. It is easily put on hold and reinstated at a later time.

If you are led to join the program, kindly fill out the Friendly Donor Enrollment Form, attach a voided check or routing statement from your financial institution, and place the form in the Treasurer’s box or mail it to:  Treasurer, Eugene Friends Meeting, 2274 Onyx St., Eugene, OR 97403.

To change the amount of your existing donation, change the financial institution, or change the allocation to a specific fund(s), please use this Friendly Donor Change Form, and deliver it to the Treasurer, as in the prior paragraph.

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Reimbursements and Third Party Payments

Disbursement Form – For your convenience the Eugene Friends Meeting 2020 Disbursement Form is available here. Before requesting disbursement please consult with the clerk authorized to approve disbursement from a specific committee budget.  A guide to committee budget authorization is also posted here: Budget code explanations for Disbursement Form.  Please contact the Meeting Treasurer if you have questions about the disbursement process.  Note: this form will be updated with new (more standardized) coding in coming months.

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Donating to Help Others In the Meeting

For those who want to help others in the Meeting who are facing financial hardship during this crisis, you can write a check and put SHARING FUND in the memo line of your check and mail it to Treasurer, Eugene Friends Meeting, 2275 Onyx St, Eugene OR 97403, or you can donate online and let the Treasurer know that you would like your donation, or part of your donation, to go to the Sharing Fund. Please include the donation date in your communication to the Treasurer.

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Requesting financial assistance

We have money in our Sharing Fund that has been donated specifically to help others in the Meeting. Some Friends in need have expressed reluctance to ask for financial assistance because they are concerned that general donations to the Meeting have been low. Please understand that accepting help from the Sharing Fund is not taking money away from anything else. The money in that fund can only be used to help people in the Meeting, and it would be good to have it used. If you need financial help, please write or email Worship-Ministry-Nurture committee, explaining how much you need and what you need it for. (Snail mail: 2274 Onyx St, Eugene OR 97403)

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