Eugene Friends Meeting

Eugene Friends Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends ("Quakers")

Threshing Session on Whether to Move to a Hybrid Form of Meeting for Worship

Monday, September 20, 7:00-8:30 p.m. via zoom

Threshing Session link:

Meeting ID: 727 068 1332

Passcode: EFM

Phone login: 1(253)215-8782 + Meeting ID.

Ministry and Counsel wants to hear from each and every one of you—members and attenders, young and old—about your thoughts on the future form of Meeting for Worship. At a threshing session, all points of view are encouraged. Although no decisions are made at that time, the threshing process will help prepare us to make a decision at a future Meeting for Business. Zoom meetings have brought unexpected blessings in connecting with Friends from out of the area, or those who choose not to come to the Meeting House, as well as lessening our carbon footprint. For others, in-person meetings remain essential to their spiritual life and sense of community.

Ministry and Counsel will present a proposal that we move to a hybrid meeting format for 11:00 worship in order to begin the process of bringing our fragmented Meeting community together. Other Meetings in North Pacific Yearly Meeting and across the country have done this successfully. There are several options for doing a hybrid Meeting for Worship–some surprisingly simple. Friends in our Meeting who have researched the various forms of technology necessary will present their findings at the Threshing Session for discussion. Afterward, Ministry and Counsel will further season the proposal with the Community Continuation Committee for possible consideration at a future Meeting for Worship for Business.

Here’s some queries to consider:

-We have practiced different forms of worship during the pandemic, what forms of have been spiritually meaningful for you?

-How do you feel about a hybrid meeting for worship merging our in-person and virtual meetings?

-How do you feel about options of either a cell phone in the meeting house or using a neighbor’s wifi to connect to the internet, and bring meetings together?

-What input would you offer on implementing a merged meeting involving a microphone and speakers in the meetinghouse?

We need you! Please come and contribute your knowledge, questions, and concerns to the discussion of this important issue for our Meeting community. If you are unable to attend the Threshing Session, please send feedback. Contact Ministry and Counsel.

Volunteers on the Ministry and Counsel Committee (formerly known as Worship-Ministry-Nurture) provide pastoral care typically provided by a paid minister and ministerial staff. Our fundamental belief about Quaker ministry is that everyone is a potential minister, both in Meeting for Worship and in caring for each other.


During the COVID-19 state of emergency we keep our community connected by offering opportunities for worship together, whether virtually or in person. Learn more.

  • On the second Sunday of each month at 12:45 p.m., we offer Worship Sharing. Queries allow us to go deeper into our interior spiritual life and to share what we learn with others.
  • We Hold in the Light (a Quaker form of prayer) those who are unable to attend worship in community for any reason.

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Our Committee cares for the Meeting’s spiritual life. Friends believe in “continuing revelation,” that God or Spirit continues to speak to us and direct us. We offer a clearness committee as a way to aid an individual with discerning the Truth of a message, and becoming clear about next steps.

  • We convene a clearness committee upon request to help when someone is faced with an important decision or when one feels a “calling” or “leading” to take on a new challenge.
  • We convene a clearness committee for membership when a person feels called to join the Religious Society of Friends.

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Our committee nurtures the everyday needs of individuals in our community and accompanies people through major life events.

  • Our community can call on us for help with rides, meals, and other kinds of care. During the COVID-19 state of emergency we have made a special effort to reach out to those in the Meeting about their needs.
  • We may convene a care committee for those with chronic needs.
  • We convene clearness committees for marriages under the care of the Meeting.
  • We make arrangements for memorials upon the death of a beloved member of our community.

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Updated 9/19/2021